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Why is the first session free?

Therapy in general—but particularly relational psychotherapy—is most effective when the connection between the therapist and the client is strong; when there is trust and the shared feeling that the two personalities have a good connection (or, as I like to say, we *click*).

I decided early in my practice that it was better for clients if they felt that they could walk into my office and sit and discuss their primary concerns and feelings without the added pressure of payment hanging over their heads without knowing who I was or what I was like to work with.

I offer the first session, which is alternately called an “initial consultation”, free of charge to allow prospective clients to see what therapy is like as well as what I’m like. If there doesn’t seem to be a good connection between us or if the client feels that—for whatever reason—my therapeutic approach is not right for them, then there is no financial commitment to complicate matters. This is a full, 50-minute, person-to-person session, exactly as you would expect a real therapy session to be like.

Psychotherapy takes time; this speaks to our complexity — mental and emotional. I strongly advise all clients considering therapy to be mindful that sessions on a weekly basis are the gold standard. I provide some reasons here.

What are my rates?

I charge $120 per 50 minute session for individuals, and $140 per 60 minute session for couples (Please note: I no longer offer a free initial consultation for couples. If you wish to know why, please read here).

I do offer a limited number of sliding scale openings for people who are interested in therapy but cannot afford my full rate. (January, 2017 – Please note: until further notice there are no sliding scale openings)

What about insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage will only work for you if your carrier explicitly covers a Psychotherapist (as opposed to a Psychologist – there’s a difference!). For sake of clarity, I encourage you to check the details of your employer or university’s health benefits plan first. If your health benefits do cover psychotherapy, then I would be more than happy to issue monthly receipts so that you may be reimbursed.

What are my working hours?

I see clients Monday through Thursday, beginning at 10am with my last session at 6pm. (July, 2017 – Please note: currently, evening sessions are filled)

Disability access?

My practice is located in an older building with three steps leading to the foyer. Unfortunately, because of this design, wheelchair access is currently not available. That said, if you require a stroller, I would be happy to provide assistance getting into the building, if necessary. There is an elevator to the upper floors.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. I’m happy to respond to any and all inquiries.