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From time to time, we all could use someone to talk with: to discuss patterns we notice in our behaviour, to share concerns about the way we think about the things and people in our lives. Sometimes a singular event, like the passing of a loved one, or even something as seemingly straight-forward as a physical injury will trigger a spectrum of feelings and thoughts at once. Sometimes our lack of feeling around certain events can bother us.

The modality (or “style”) of psychotherapy I practice is geared toward people from all walks of life: women, men, investment bankers, bartenders, single parents, retirees, teachers, students, army reservists, musicians… you get the idea. In short, it’s meant for you. My practice is open to people from all backgrounds, and I consider myself an LGBTQ ally.

What kinds of issues can you work with?

Anxiety • Depression • Loss/Grief • Trauma & PTSD • Relationship/Marital Problems • Substance Abuse • Shame • Self-Harm • Anger Management • Physical/Sexual Abuse • Family-of-Origin Conflict, among other concerns.

What if I don’t know what’s wrong with me?

It’s not uncommon for people to feel compelled to contact a therapist only to experience anxiety over the fact that there may only be a fuzzy/hazy reason for doing so. Some clients express an amount of guilt over this, as if they are expected to have a certified idea in order to see me.

This is why I offer a free initial consultation. It allows you to come in and talk about what’s going on, without any financial commitment, so that you can have more clarity whether or not to move forward with therapy. For my rates, please click here.