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How is couples therapy different from individual therapy?

A misnomer about couples therapy is that it’s “the beginning of the end”. The reality is that, increasingly, couples are realizing that talking openly about their differences with a qualified therapist is, in fact, an effective way to discharge tension in the relationship and perhaps discover a new focus.

When we enter a serious relationship, we bring our own ideas (and biases) with us: ideas about money, sexual intimacy, communication, privacy. Many of these ideas are influenced by previous relationships (or values we learned growing up). And sometimes, while individually each partner’s influences may be sound, when the two are merged there can be discord.

Seeing a therapist as a couple is a way to put everything on the table without one party feeling they are taking on one of the dreaded roles – the Argument Judge, or, The One Who Always Initiates Things. A qualified therapist will be careful not to allow any one person to overshadow the needs of the other to the detriment of the relationship.

Therapy provides an opportunity to investigate and explore the evolving dynamic between partners who are experiencing communication and connection problems. The aim is to build a sense of potential and understanding within the relationship.

What kinds of issues can you work with?

Anxiety • Depression • Commitment Issues • Emotional or Sexual Infidelity • Separation/Divorce • Open Relationships • Substance Abuse • Anger Management • Emotional Abuse • Family-of-Origin Conflict, among other concerns.
Please note: As of August 2016, I no longer offer a free initial consultation for couples. If you wish to know why, please read here

What are my rates?

I charge $140/session for couples (a full 60 minutes each session). Because sometimes individual work during couples therapy is necessary, I charge $120/session for individuals (50 minutes each session).

What about insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage will only work for you if your carrier explicitly covers a Psychotherapist (as opposed to a Psychologist – there’s a difference!). For sake of clarity, I encourage you to check the details of your employer or university’s health benefits plan first. If your health benefits do cover psychotherapy, then I would be more than happy to issue monthly receipts so that you may be reimbursed.

What are my working hours?

I see clients Monday through Thursday, beginning at 10am with my last session at 6pm. (August, 2016 – Please note: at this time my evening sessions are filled)

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have. I’m happy to respond to any and all inquiries.