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(Please note: I am seeing clients in-person, for those who are interested; I am also providing virtual sessions for those who wish to work remotely.)

Life affects us deeply on a day-to-day level.

When we aren’t feeling well there are a host of things which can linger with us. They can come in the form of doubts, guilt, and perhaps fear. Some of these things can be named: the names of people who we feel may have hurt us, the names of those we feel we may have hurt. Sometimes we find we have somehow become cut off from our feelings, or some of what we feel or experience is associated with words we’ve heard from friends, or in the media: depression, anxiety, grief, stress, trauma.

Chances are you’re looking at this page because you’re looking for support.

It could be that you are having trouble containing the day-to-day frustrations others around you seem less bothered by. Perhaps you’ve found yourself stuck in a pattern of self-blame (whether or not you are actually at fault). It could be that you want a little more control and understanding of yourself. Unlike someone with natural resilience, when we are not at our best we can have reactions to events and to other people which alienate us from the world — even from ourselves. Our friendships and intimate relationships can also suffer.

So what do you do if you aren’t feeling well?

You can talk with a Registered Psychotherapist like me, and begin to understand what lies behind these feelings. In a comfortable, private, and non-discriminatory environment we can focus on the aspects of your life which conspire to disconnect you from yourself and the outside world. With COVID-19, the world has gotten even harder (if that were possible), so whether you wish to work in-person or remotely, I can help you either way. Now that online/virtual tools are more popular than ever, I can offer my services to people locally and internationally who may be unable or (given current circumstances) unwilling to approach in-person therapy.

What’s the goal?

Greater self-awareness. But also: greater durability against day-to-day tensions from the outside world. Ultimately, therapy provides you with more confidence as you move forward with your life, and the ability to recognize and understand the emotional and behavioural triggers which can prevent you from feeling whole. It is a road filled with self-discovery, with an aim of self-improvement: feeling integrated, and resilient.

If you are interested in booking a session or knowing more about my rates, please click here.